Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"sometimes your soul might make you stumble..."

On this lovely semi cloudy Monday Ali and I walked down to Table Rock Beach to do this weeks shoot. Thankfully it was empty and hence I avoided the embarrassment of running around the beach in front of a camera. I was having a severely indecisive clothing day, which I am sure every girl in the world can sympathize with but in the end settled with something flowy, and neutral, a water and sand like combo...

The Token "twirl" shot...

This cave created the perfect background to my very neutral outfit...

We live in paradise...

Make sure to check out Ali's amazing blog (although you are probably sick of seeing my face and I am also in her entrance project), and congratulate her for getting in to her first design school :) woo hoo!

Sweater- Kaitlyn
Tank Top- Billabong
Skirt- free people
Belt- vintage
scarf- Cost Plus World Market
3 Finger Ring and neckalce (that I am using as a crown) - Urban Outfitters
Gold Button ring- Hand Made by me

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Absolute Bliss

I was browsing one of my favorite DIY blogs and found this bohemian wedding that i can only describe as perfect; the styling, the table setting, the location, the band.  I would love to be at this beachside soiree...

images via 100 layer cake

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm late Im late for a very important date!

 Monday was a hodge podge of activities... Ali, Emily and I put together a little tea party sans the tea in my front garden; sandwiches lemonade and the cutest cupcakes ever. Then we had some fun trying to capture a shot for Ali's design school portfolio. She needed a magazine cover that had went with the store she created, hence the myriad of outfits I wore on this lovely sunny day..

Emily and her absolutely beautiful boy, Thomas.

The white dress wasn't working against the turquoise dresser as an editorial piece sooo on to dress number two!

...and outfit number 3...

as per usual my little pup interrupting the shoot...

Mahi rocking the bowler hat :)

Outfit #1
White dress- Pins and Needles
Hat- Forever 21

Halter Dress-reworked Vintage fabric
Headband-made by me
Metal Bangles-vintage
Turquoise wrap bracelet- etsy
wire-wrap ring-made by me

lace top-Kaitlyn
Pants- Urban Outfitters
Hat- target

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Currently infatuated with...

  Recently I discovered the Los Angeles based band Warpaint and they captivated me with both their sound and style; psychedelic rock laced with poignant lyrics and ethereal voices and gypsy rocker looks. I can't stop collecting images of them for inspiration. They have a free spirit yet still gritty rock and roll feel. If you are lucky enough to be going to coachella you should definitely check them out.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows the second I see feathers and leather I'm in love, so naturally I had a conniption while browsing some of my favorite blogs and stumbled upon these images. So here is a little visual catnip for you to enjoy...

Yes I know that these wings are obviously not wearable but how can you not love the whimsy and the fantastic nature of them?

How much do I wish that I could pull off this headdress??

All pictures from Buffalo Girl.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Hey Blue, here is a song for you"

Hi Hi, I am back from my northern california adventure and kicking off this week with a quick and casual monday shoot with Ali.  Since spring is starting out so beautifully, full of sunshine and light breezes, we were feeling a light and easy going style.  We stayed local...and I mean very local since we did the shoot in my bathroom (which I will say took me forever to paint ).  So anyways, before I start on some random tangent,  Happy April!!

and then we were interrupted...

outfit number 2...

please disregard my tan line from the weekend :)


Outfit 1:

navy dress- quiksilver women

Outfit 2:

dress- sparkle and fade
leggings- target
earrings- H & M
necklace- hand made by me