Friday, February 10, 2012

Newest obsession

Dear Friends,

My latest obsession has kept me busy, tearing, shredding, dyeing, painting, studding and sewing vintage levi's and turning them into something bright and new. My work space is strewn with the discarded legs of jeans and my bathtub has taken on a pinkish hue but it all seems to be worth it. Be on the lookout for my etsy shop hopefully coming soon :)


Vintage Levi's. Teal with Cascade studs

Vintage Levi's with Vintage Crochet Applique

Vintage Ralph Lauren Jean, Purple with teal Native Print

Vintage Levi's Pink with Gold Studs

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Men of Style

I feel as though I am long overdue in a tribute to the Male Icons of Style. So without further a due..I give you part 1 in the "Men of Style; Both Real and fictional" no particular order.



 Always looks dapper and yet unique. Usually pairing clean lines with a modern cut, his look says timelessly elegant yet still incredibly hip.


He may have been a gangster but he sure new how to dress...perfectly put together 3 piece suits...criminals these days need to take a que from the mob king. 


Completely reliant on his own personal sense of style, Johnny Depp has become a style icon precisely because he stays true to himself. His attire says gypsy, ex patriot artist, free spirit and its for that that we love him.


Whether playing Bond or simply just himself Sean Connery is the epitome of suave. I mean, who else can pull off those tiny shorts? 


Now there's a group of men who knew how to matter the drunken debauchery that occurred on or off stage they kept their look clean and together. 

This author know what he likes and sticks with it. He purchased his first white suit in 1962 and has carried on wearing this uniform since. In his words, " the outfit disarms the people he observes, making him, in their eyes, "a man from Mars, the man who didn't know anything and was eager to know."

The original hipster. 


One of my all time favorites. The king of quintessential cool. McQueen took classic American pieces and pulled them off in a rugged, masculine way.His arsenal included aviators, slim-cut tailored suits, sport coats, zip-up windbreakers, khakis, button-downs in pale colors, V-neck sweaters, and shawl-collared cardigans, as well as polo shirts. However he looked just as at home in an impecably tailored suit as he did in his racing gear.