Sunday, November 27, 2011

a la edie

Taking a cue from artist and muse, Edie Sedgwick. Known for big earrings and black tights, her look is easy and adaptable for any occasion, just don't forget the dark eye liner and lots of mascara and you're good to go!
a la edie

Foley Corinna asymmetrical dress, $519
Falke knit stocking, $69
H&M leather flat shoes, £7.99
Anna Beck long chandelier earrings, $315

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Annie Hall

I love Diane Keaton. I've always admired her quirky effortless menswear look; the way that she maintains her femininity whilst donning trousers and a classic white button up. Her role as Annie Hall in the Woody Allen movie established Keaton's look as iconic. Here's a little nod to her eccentric character...

Annie Hall

T by Alexander Wang shirts blouse, €225
MICHAEL Michael Kors double breasted waistcoat, $120
Ralph Lauren wide leg pants, £115
Lanvin flat pointed toe shoes, $670
Dorothy perkin, £22
Illesteva tortoiseshell sunglasses, £220
Forzieri Large Flowered Paisley Print Woven Silk Tie, $75
Vivian, €18

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Outfit a day....

LOVE this editorial in Elle featuring a beach, white horse and loose chiffon amazingness. Every dress is so easy and infused with a carefree here's my outfit inspired by the feeling of sand beneath your toes and the wind in your hair.

free bird

Miss Selfridge teal maxi dress
£45 -

Temperley London knit jacket
£475 -

Friis & Company strap sandals
€31 -

Janis genuine leather handbag
$198 -

Monday, November 21, 2011

J'adore Julian Ca

Ali and I are back! Last Friday, Ali and I decided on a whim to drive down to Julian, a place which, until recently I didn't even know existed. After driving about an hour and half, you don't even feel like you are in California any more.  Golden trees touched by fall, apple orchards, open fields, cold temperatures and rolling mist create an old time feel. The town itself still feels like the old mining town it was at its birth (at one point a horse drawn carriage actually drove by us). An added plus, there are antique shops everywhere, which you know have not been pillaged by the aggressive treasure hunters you usually have to fight in more populated areas. 

Make sure to visit Ali's blog and see what she has been up to!

The horse and carriage I mentioned earlier...

The best apple cider ever! From apples grown locally of course

Sweater: Free People
Skirt: Free People
Boots: Bakers
Maxi Dress: Lulus
Poncho: Vintage
Assorted Bracelets: vintage

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Outfit a day....

Once upon a time:

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I seem to be being stalked by fairy tales. Every time I turn on the tv or open a magazine there is something fantastic in nature...not that I mind this; I personally love that America is starting to veer away from so called "reality" and is turning to escapism and fantasy. Case and point; this photo shoot in teen vogue titled "Once Upon a Time". The ethereal nature of this editorial is beautiful and intriguing and I think that a look that conveys this same essence is easily achievable.

So here is the outfit I put together via polyvor which hopefully captures the feeling of running through a fairytale;

Once Upon a time

Zadig Voltaire knit top
$487 -

Sequin top
$129 -

Lace skirt
$35 -

Jimmy choo shoes
$495 -

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the midas touch

I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this gold leaf makeup/ jewelry featured on Oracle Fox's blog. I especially love the flakes in her eyelashes and the gold head band. It's got such a beautiful bohemian feel and its so easy and cheap to do. I wanted to give it a whirl and I am pretty happy with the results. 

Here is a mini tutorial:  

What You will need: 

Scissors, Spirit gum (usually used in theatre to keep wigs and fake facial hair on), gold leaf sheets and scotch tape.

Step 1: 
Use scotch tape to mask off where you want the gold leaf, this way you can be sure to get a straight line. 

Step 2: 
Cut gold leaf into strips...about 1 per ring

Step 3:
Apply spirit gum. wait a few seconds for it to get tacky. If you try to apply the gold too soon it won't stick. Once it feels tacky press the gold leaf onto the spirit gum and hold with pressure. You don't need to rush, once the spirit gum gets sticky it stays that way for a fairly long time.

Step 4:
Repeat until your gold looks solid

Finished Product:

I used this technique over halloween over my eyes, forehead and collarbone and I have to say it looked pretty sweet (although it is hard to see in the picture below)