Monday, April 4, 2011

"Hey Blue, here is a song for you"

Hi Hi, I am back from my northern california adventure and kicking off this week with a quick and casual monday shoot with Ali.  Since spring is starting out so beautifully, full of sunshine and light breezes, we were feeling a light and easy going style.  We stayed local...and I mean very local since we did the shoot in my bathroom (which I will say took me forever to paint ).  So anyways, before I start on some random tangent,  Happy April!!

and then we were interrupted...

outfit number 2...

please disregard my tan line from the weekend :)


Outfit 1:

navy dress- quiksilver women

Outfit 2:

dress- sparkle and fade
leggings- target
earrings- H & M
necklace- hand made by me

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